RS232 Series Port GSM Controller Project , Security IOT SMS For Monitoring

GSM SMS IOT controller, IOT monitoring device for security



System Feature

  •  Cortex M3 32-bit ARM
  •  Reliable performance with built-in double watchdog, 24×7 operation
  •  Dual digital filters for anti-noise
  •  Stable reconnection strategy for data transmit
  •  Automatically or manually update interior clock by sms or NTP or server
  •  Can set multiple timers(second, minute, day, week, month) to execute actions, e.g. output, upload data, change setting
  •  Event-based linkage programming, e.g. alarm linkage output
  •  Easy used GUI configure software for setting up to 100 parameters
  •  Optional inside battery that life is 8-20 hours, cellular module Intelligent sleep when power lost

DI feature

  •  Accept NO or NC dry contact

DO(T) feature

  •  Transistor output(drive voltage=power supply voltage, Drive current≤500mA)
  •  on/off/pulse DO by remote control or local event
  •  Remain down status when power lost

DO(K) feature

  •  Relay output(NO, contact load: 2A / 125VAC,220VDC)
  •  DO can be activated by remote or local schedule
  •  Remain down status when power lost

AI feature

  •  Standard 4-20mA (option: 0-5V) signal in, Sampling frequency: 33Hz, 10-bit precision)
  •  Convert signal to actual measure value,support adjustment
  •  Can set parameters for value processing, alarm, data transmission
  •  Detect connect or disconnect to alarm

SMS feature

  •  Support 10 cell phone numbers for alarm and control
  •  Send sms alarm when input is triggered or reach alarm level
  •  All alarm and recover sms text can be edited
  •  Query any IO channel’s status or value via sms command
  •  On/off/pulse output by sending sms
  •  Configurable schedule for sms report IO channel's status or value
  •  Sending sms command to update setting
  •  Sms remind for sim card overdue
  •  Power lost and recover alarm by sending sms
  •  Wireless network communication
  •  Option network: cellular(2g/3g/4g) or Wi-Fi
  •  Support TCP/IP two-way communication with Max.4 servers(IP or domain)
  •  Automatically Upload data when alarm or according to schedule
  •  Communicate with server by optional Cwt_IO, Modbus TCP, http post protocol
  •  Transfer RS485 or RS232 Data to wireless network


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